Projects on ENVS: 2014-15

Category: Notices Published on 12 December 2014
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All students of 3rd year (Hons & Gen) are hereby intimated that the Project Work on Environmental Science must be submitted within 15th January, 2015. The suggested topics are as given below. Topics outside the listed ones are also acceptable, if found relevant.

The Honours course students should submit the report to their respective Head of the Department and the General course students are to submit the report at the college office. The University Roll & Regn. No. of the candidate must be written clearly on the front cover. In case of non-availability of University Roll No., the college roll number should be given along with the Regn. No.




  1. Arsenic pollution of ground water with special reference of the district of South 24 Parganas.
  2. Global warming and its effects on environment.
  3. Soil conservation & its importance.
  4. Importance of renewable energy sources of natural origin.
  5. Introduction of Green Technologies in Industries and in Research & Development projects from environmental perspectives.
  6. Importance of conservation of Sundarban forests and wildlife.
  7. Air pollution from automobiles.
  8. “Carbon Credit” in environmental perspectives.
  9. Plate Tectonic movements and its effects on environment.
  10. Importance of the “Ganga Action Plan” in West Bengal.
  11. Nature and Importance of different ecosystems in sustaining the global environment.
  12. Nature and concept of marine bio-diversity conservation.
  13. Nature and concept of bio-diversity conservation through “Seed Bank”, “Field Gene Bank” and “Cryopreservation”.
  14. Importance of wildlife conservation through National Parks, Sanctuaries etc.

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