Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy was established in the year 1960 and started General Course (then 2 year Pass Course) from the session 1960-61.  Honours degree course was started during the session 1969-70.  The faculty members are engaged in discussion and deliberation upon human thought and concepts down the ages that help students to realize their creation, existence, environment and surroundings.  Thus the students feel actually what they are and why they are.  Academic activities of the department include seminars, quiz etc. and also active involvement of some faculty members in research works; in editorial board of magazines etc..


Smt Suparna Ghosh, M.A., M. Phil. (Associate Professor)

Dr. Mousumi Chakraborty, M.A., Ph. D. (Assistant Professor/Stage-III)

Smt Anamika Halder, M.A., M. Phil. (Assistant Professor/Stage-I)

Sri Chandrashekhar Mondal, M.A. (Assistant Professor/Stage-I)

Smt Sarmistha Ghosh, M.A. (Part-time)

Sri Koushik Goswami, M.A. (Part-time/Morning)


Departmental Class Routine