Department of English


The Department of English was established in the year 1960 and started General Course (then 2 year Pass Course) from the session 1960-61.  Honours degree course was started during the session 1971-72.  This language is a versatile mode of verbal communication worldwide.  A grasp in totality over this language is an essential prerequisite for one’s career advancement in this age of globalization, cyber colonization and vast competition.  The faculty members of this department always impart their knowledge to their students with this in mind. Organization of departmental seminar and quiz, publication of wall magazine, close interaction among teachers and students are some of the prime features of this department.  One major highlight is the publication of articles by some faculty members in leading newspapers.  Also, some faculty members are intensely pursuing their doctoral research works.
Departmental Class Routine


Smt Gopa Sur, M.A. (Associate Professor)

Smt Dolly Ghosh, M.A. (Associate Professor)

Smt Mandakini Bhattacherya, M.A. (Assistant Professor/Stage-II)

Sri Amit Roy, M.A. (Assistant Professor/Stage-I)

Smt Poulomi SahaM.A. (Assistant Professor/Stage-I)