Department of Education

The Department of Education was established in the year 1963 and started General Course (then 2 year Pass Course) from the session 1963-64.  Honours degree course was started during the session 1971-72.  The Post-Graduate Course, leading to M.A. degree of the University of Calcutta and our College (Jointly), was introduced in the session 2005-06.  The subject is really multi-disciplinary in nature dealing with Philosophy, Psychology, History, Sociology, Statistics and Technology in a single pot.  It is an area of significant emergence.  The faculty members are always aware of this and engaged in raising the same awareness in the students.  Departmental seminars, quiz, student interaction etc. are the main features of the department which is trying to enrich itself and escalate academic activities with the introduction of its post-graduate section.  Attendance of seminar, symposium etc. is the common activities of the faculty members.  Faculty members are also involved in various types of social affairs.

The department is running a post graduate course giving the degree 'M.Sc. in Education' jointly with the University of Calcutta since 2005.


Smt Keya Chattopadhyay, M.A., B.Ed. (Associate Professor)

Sri Partha Sarathi Mallick, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. (Assistant Professor/Stage-I)

Sri Gopal Chandra Sarkar, M.A. (Assistant Professor/Stage-I)

Smt Mousumi Mondal, M.A. (Assistant Professor/Stage-I)

Smt Piyali Mondal, M.A. (Contractual full-time)

Smt Simu Mukherjee,  M.A. (Contractual full-time)

Smt Binata Mandal, M.A. (Part-time)

Smt Paromita Bose, M.A., M.Phil. (Part-time)

Smt Sonali Chakraborty, M.A. (Part-time/Morning)

Sri Somnath Roy, M.A. (Part-time)


Undergraduate Class Routine